Your Invitation
to Self-Discovery

"Who you are is already free, silent and fulfilled right now. Our meeting together is the confirmation and celebration of that. You are welcome home to yourself." - Lisa

Come in Closer

There is no thought that has more power than silence.


Lisa has devoted her life to love and liberation for all

In 1995 a dear friend invited Lisa to a video Satsang with Gangaji. Upon hearing Gangaji say, “Be your Natural Self,” Lisa’s Heart caught on fire and she fell into a deep bow of surrender, consumed in the profound realization that Love is All.


What can be revealed sitting with Lisa has the capacity to change one's life in an instant. Lisa welcomes everything and is full of Heart, Love and humor



Your presence and love is worth more than you could ever imagine.  Something was lifted and I am back in alignment: light, smiling and at peace.  And I am not afraid, not a victim

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