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Gangaji came to me through an open portal of intense disillusionment. The day I heard her voice was the end of the “story” that I believed was my life as I had known it. My heart was blown open in an explosion of Love. It was the fire of recognizing the SOURCE of love. She had called me by my true name, and I blossomed open, from the depths of Love. My life became focused on a single point; to awaken to the Truth of who I am. I offer myself completely to This.  Every breath, my entire life, all of my energy. This surrender is an embrace. A final embrace, unending.

I give my life to Love, and Love gives it back
like a beautiful kiss.
A kiss that takes everything.
A kiss that gives everything.
Until it is emptied of everything,
and Love is all that is left

Visit Gangaji's website:

Watch this beautiful documentary from when Gangaji first began to teach, "River of Freedom".

Eli Jaxon-Bear

Eli Maui 3


The deep desire for the living truth of love is met in the sacred work I do with Eli. He is a master with the Enneagram. A tool for ruthless inquiry into the false character of identification, the Enneagram has captivated my attention since being introduced to it by Eli in the 1990’s.

Eli’s love has lifted many from out of the needless suffering of egoic identification. This is his mission, that the whole world wake up and be happy and free. He cares only about this, and his whole life is used for this. He is unmoving in the face of projection, and he is true to the core, no matter what. He is my rock. He challenges me and it is impossible to continue any form of self betrayal in his field. He simply doesn’t tolerate it. This modeling has lifted me out of fixated habits and given me the courage to stay true and vigilant. Meeting him face to face, in the burning truth, there is only love.

Papaji (Sri H.W.L. Poonja)


At the age of 30, Papaji had his final awakening at the feet of Sri Ramana Maharshi which ended his search for a Master who could show him God. He was in his later years of life when he was discovered in Lucknow by westerners, including Gangaji, who flocked to receive his powerful transmission of the truth. His body died in 1997.

A poem by Papaji from the book This:  Prose and Poetry of Dancing Emptiness., which is a collection of his poetry:

"The purpose of life is to be at Peace,
to Love all beings, and to know who you are.
this Immaculate Knowledge alone is.
Emptiness alone is.
How can you come out of This
if there are no limits to it?

The appearance of a manifestation
is but the play of this Emptiness.
Know who you are, here and Now,
by simply Being Quiet."

Visit the Avadhuta website for videos and books about Papaji.

Watch the video documentary about Papaji:

Ramana Maharshi


"Ramana" means "That which is at the core of all being". He was called to the holy mountain Arunachala where, as a boy of 16, he fell into a deep speechless immersion in the Self and remained so for many years. He was discovered by holy men who named him, fed him, and cared for him and eventually built an ashram at the mountain where he would live for the rest of his life. He lived in the Satsang hall, available at all times of the day and night for visitors to drink of his grace. The body of Ramana died in 1950.

A stanza from the Bridal Garland of Letters to Arunachala, his beloved Holy Mountain Master:

"All engulfing sun of bright rays!
Make my mind-lotus bloom,
Is it merely for food
that I came to you as a mendicant?
Moon of grace!  Your cooling rays
placed on my mind reveal
your words of nectar, Arunachala!
Of all vainglory strip me,
lay me bare and enfold me
in the glory of your grace
Instead of teaching me jugglery to cheat the world,
teach me abidance in Self,

Take away this garb of mine;
make me naked, then clothe me
in the raiment of thy grace,

Visit Gangaji's website for more information about Ramana's life:

View a beautiful documentary of Ramana's life and teaching, "The Sage of Arunachala":



Arunachala, Ramana's beloved holy mountain Master in the south of India.

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