Best Friend

Right now my heart is so filled with the blessing of having true friends who reflect sweet loving silence to me, steady and true no matter what drama is unfolding in my life.  I am so very grateful for stillness in the face of movement, unflinching honesty in the midst of the story, inclusion of it all with a welcome home to satsang at the center of the swirl of emotion or circumstances. 

I love the fullness of all that life brings, and that love finds its root in reality where stillness is the medicine – not indulgence. The times in my life where I have followed a story of suffering into a constructed “rabbit hole” of reality have been many – a habit which has used up its usefulness for myself as the teller in first person, or as the helper – another type of story altogether, becoming no less caught in the web of egoic desire to assist.

I am free.  I am the fullness of what is freedom itself – all arises here – and life itself is the devotion to this.  I cannot begin to express my deep gratitude to the blessed friends whom I adore and cherish and who meet me here in the center of the center unfailingly, as True Love Itself, conscious and aware of itself – living.

Thank you my Beloved Gangaji for pointing my life to this True meeting.

Truly Yours,


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