Forgiveness Interview

ForgivenessAn interview with Lisa SchumacherBy Henk Engelenburg Climate issues, changes in world order, fragmentation of long-trusted alliances, growing uncertainties about future existence. All this leads to an escalation in tensions, aggression and blaming. Extraordinary circumstances require an unusual response: forgiveness. … Read More

Dear Friend

Oh I love. I love love love. my heart just wants to love. my whole life wants to love. just right now. what a mystery that I was born for that. that all I do is look for that, want … Read More

The Peace Filled Sanctuary is in your Heart

The Peace Filled Sanctuary is in your heart, right now. Sitting silently last night with others, I was filled with the peace that requires nothing. Mind gratefully surrendering its inflammation and worry to the source of itself – illuminated stillness. … Read More

A Child of This

My love is uncontained.It is full and flowing,my heart a vast oceanteeming with lifeand penetrating silence.I am breathless.My world is crushedannihilatedunveiledit is scathinglyruthlesslynothing.Thought is transparent,fleeting vapors.Yet I live.I live in all.My life is not minemy body belongs to soil.I live … Read More


I want you to know I have been moved by you; I have deepened, I have become more aware.  When I meet you I discover myself and it is the expression of Life Itself moving through your form, my own … Read More


Trust. Trust. Truest to Love I am true. True to myself rooted in quiet, the essential ingredient. Quiet.  A time to pay attention. A time I choose, now. And as I sit down with myself, a little candle lit by … Read More

Ocean of Being

In our thoughts, we are alone. All that is perceived is but thought and therefore transitory. This is proven each second, as phenomena come and go ceaselessly. What is unmoving? What is unchanging? In surrender to This which is only … Read More


I have just come from Amsterdam with Eli where he asked me to offer sessions in support of students who came to participate in his 5 day Introduction to the Enneagram of Character Fixation retreat. The Enneagram is such a … Read More


We are so blessed that we have been given the opportunity to ask and to discover what it is we want for our lives in the deepest sense.  In this discovery there is the opportunity to give your life to … Read More