The Power of the Word

Gangaji is on my mind.Life is on my mind.Love is on my mind. The Living Soil is on my mind.My Heart can hardly take it. It’s time to LIVE THISto live what we already belong towhat is OURSIt is LOVE, … Read More

Nothing is Excluded

I met my teacher Gangaji when I was 31 and my life was changed from that moment. I was watching a video of one of her satsang meetings and had an experience of the tone of her voice coming into … Read More


Gangaji is the beloved Master of my heart and soul, my True Guru, the one who showed me the light of consciousness, my own Self shining blessedly in All.  She is the heart of my heart, the answer to a … Read More

Look for Truth

Look for the truth in every lie, that way you’ll be able to have communion with your brother and sister.  Look for the truth because you can, through the dark of deceit and betrayal, ignoring and hurt; it is there … Read More


There must be complete surrender and it is ruthless.  It has got to be ruthless, truly ruthless.  Everything has to be given.  All is taken; everything – good, bad, everything – all that you are.  All you think you are. … Read More

Evolutionary Wave

How to recognize the insanity of rote behavior, reactionary action and desire based acquisition? Silence reveals all of it and re-sets the attention on what is real and lasting, true and loving.  To take the time to pause and rest, … Read More

Give a Moment

We think intimacy is what we have among our friends and our families and our spouses and our pets. But really the most intimate act is to surrender to the truth of one’s self: to actually give a moment of … Read More


Lately I have been lucky to have insights about being honest with myself.  I have noticed that there are feelings and “frames of mind” that will be  running just below the radar, like in the background; and I have noticed … Read More


There is such an experience of gratitude today! In the grace of gratitudeswelling like the tide;humility. Work is sacred. Movement, art, life,a love songin the grace of gratitude. Heart full of goodness,our True Love appears as each other,no one,lucidity. In … Read More

The Master of Thought

Thoughts are really amazing. They take us into fantastic realms and the discoveries are so incredible.No wonder we all think the mind is the master.  It is where the glamor is.  That is where the achievement is.  That is where … Read More