Evolutionary Wave

How to recognize the insanity of rote behavior, reactionary action and desire based acquisition? Silence reveals all of it and re-sets the attention on what is real and lasting, true and loving.  To take the time to pause and rest, allowing all effort to cease for just a moment will reveal to you the activity of the mind.  Thoughts will seem overpowering, so used are we, to planning and gnawing on regrets or perceived injustices committed against us.  In the midst of this mind storm, you can focus your attention with razor sharp clarity on the substratum of their origin.  If you simply look for the origin, you will discover a current of deep silence permeating it all.  At first, the mind will not be interested in this.  It will feign boredom.  If you use your attention to dive into the experience of boredom you will discover that the movement inwards and down with the attention yields way to the opening of the mind into that which is unknown to it.  This can give rise to fear, for we have so long kept busy with thought that we have created a world which by it’s nature is limited by the known.  This made up world is what we believe to be real.  It is our persona, our beliefs, our purpose.  What I am speaking of here is the discovery of what lies beyond the minds perception.  The willingness to investigate earnestly into the truth of ones true nature is the willingness to be what cannot be captured in the mind.  This is your birthright.  This is the evolutionary wave of Self discovery that is washing over humanity right this second.

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