Lately I have been lucky to have insights about being honest with myself.  I have noticed that there are feelings and “frames of mind” that will be  running just below the radar, like in the background; and I have noticed that I had been ignoring them.  They are the kind of feelings and states that I would call “common” or “unremarkable”, seeming like the dust on the windowsill –  not obscuring the larger view…  What I found though, is that they were not so subtle when given full attention!  I found a level of unconscious engagement in a story line of old, a can of worms!!  And a deep one, too!!  So lucky!!  I found out a couple of things as a result:  Attention is so valuable, just simple quiet attention. And forgiveness allows one to be more honest with oneself and also fosters honesty in others, so that there can be a deeper seeing all around.  Just simply sitting still, in my case, allowed me to see a subtle layer of suffering, a “frame of mind” and then into a major pattern of thought that had been crusted over by repetition and ignorance.  Now what I am finding is that there is a whole new pathway opened up in the seeing and more is being revealed, like a flower unfolding.  I am seeing the threads of this in my entire life, all of the relationships, and especially powerful seeing now is happening through the relationship to/with my body.  What a gift attention is!!  That we have the power to focus attention on itself is truly a miracle.  Then, the gratitude is as unending as the revelation of just being.  This gift – noticing, focusing awareness – all revealed to me in satsang with Gangaji.  Thank you with all of my heart.

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