I have just come from Amsterdam with Eli where he asked me to offer sessions in support of students who came to participate in his 5 day Introduction to the Enneagram of Character Fixation retreat. The Enneagram is such a powerful tool to see and it is best used for seeing ones own fixated responses.  This kind of seeing is essential – before this there will be projection onto the other.  It is a simple fact that the mind will do this so there must be a burning desire to know the truth of oneself.  This desire will carry one into the depths of identification and through to the “other side”, to the simple recognition of all that one is, Here.  Gangaji has said, “…the truth is so simple it is overlooked” and I find this to be true.  For those that have already given their lives to this, the sessions are over in a matter of minutes.  I simply guided the person to examine what was arising in that moment.  In the willingness to give ones attention to it, what ever was arising was seen to be the truth itself, revealing itself through the fixated behavior.  Discovering this was so blissful, and we often found ourselves laughing tears out of our eyes as the holographic miracle of life was revealed instantly. 

By simply giving ones attention carefully to what is arising in the moment, the truth is revealed; life is revealed.  It is truly so simple it can hardly be stated.  But the commitment must be to be true.  Not just a commitment, but devotion.  Devotion comes out of falling in love.  When one discovers the simplicity and ease of being – the fulfillment that is ones very life, it is natural to fall in love!  This is what we are!  This is what our lives are expressing, naturally!!!

The Enneagram is a tool for self inquiry – a way to unveil the habits of mind, body and emotion that come from a lifetime of identification as a somebody.  It is a way to hone ones attention powerfully so that one may become more aware of ones own suffering and the suffering we cause.  It opens one to clarity and wisdom in the space that would otherwise have been occupied with habitual coping strategies that run subconsciously.  It has been an essential and powerful tool in my life.

What I noticed in those who’s minds were wrapped up in self judgement and addicted to doubt and drama, was that the sessions were lengthy and complicated as we navigated through the maze of thought only to find that the commitment was missing.  When it came to “putting your stake in the ground and not moving” (as Eli has said)  there was hesitation, “what if…??” “How will I…??”  The imaginary future took precedent.  How is it that some are willing and some are not? 

There are three things that come to mind:  Grace, disillusionment, and receptivity.  Without grace, none of this is even remotely possible.  Grace is the power that will bring disillusionment to a life of mediocrity.  How many of us are living our lives in a trance, fixated on T.V. or our day to day dramas, or the future, or the past… giving our attention away away away and with it our lives carelessly spent and then finished?  Disillusionment is a Holy Sacrament, it is the necessary element which goads the ego to the search for something better.  It is the beginning of awakening to the truth of ones nature. 

A teacher is the answer in form to the disillusioned minds prayer for help.  This is living grace, and to be open, to be receptive… to surrender to this grace…  this is a blessed life given to love.  This is a life of fulfillment that is present now, as ones own life.  Who knows how it will unfold?  It is a life that is given to the truth.  This is my experience every day – deep contentment, not contentment that is sleepy or that comes from some sort of happiness with my circumstances.  This is contentment that abides in that which does not come and go.  It is natural and simple.  It is radical too, for it requires total surrender.  It is, already, who you are, whether you are conscious of it or not.  The word that comes to me now is, “Yes”.  Say yes, say yes with your entire being and be held in That which has no name.  Revel in the glory of this and discover deep abiding love that has it’s source in you.  You are that which is free.  Give yourself to it.  Let Love consume you and even that which you have avoided will be used for Love’s divine purpose – your life.

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