I want you to know I have been moved by you; I have deepened, I have become more aware.  When I meet you I discover myself and it is the expression of Life Itself moving through your form, my own self alight in you that I discover anew. 

I feel deep and living love thriving in my heart, breathing out, beautiful in the world like a thousand robins floating in the muted winter sky this morning, all singing, filling the air with sublime music.  Life is a miracle playing itself out each moment of the day in our bodies. This living organism that Earth is, our breath and bones, the ancient water of the land, the sky, the sea, our breath.  Yes.  I am renewed today as I pause a moment to reflect.  This extraordinary natural world that we inhabit is truly a miracle. 

And our capacity for expression and compassion, to expand and include…  there is such an awakening in the human mind as the darkest ignorance and horrors are exposed; we are all moved.

As I open to confront what has been ignored deep in my own psyche, I witness the reflection of this in the world at large and it is painful but I am willing and I am paying attention and the changes come.  There will be more.  It doesn’t feel comfortable or peaceful at all.  It is deeply disturbing inside and out but this is the time of the great unveiling – Right Now.

I have become a disciple of Self Inquiry and there are many who are choosing to stop and rest in silence now. 

This is where True Abiding Peace is to be found, as even the most sublime beauty experienced through the senses is fleeting.  What satisfaction the mind may find is temporary as it picks up the next thought and it is tenacious, it is restless, it wants to “find out”!  The importance that has been placed on thinking has obscured the deeper currents of existence and our personal worlds have become limited to reacting. Many have fallen into trance. 

Stopping for a moment to be still, there is true rest.  Identification is cut and deep peace is discovered, like a vein of gold in the darkest hardest stone.  This is who you are.  Bright and pure and unbound.

This rest is pure Manna – nourishment that is unfettered by outcome or past experience.  There is great potential in the willingness to stop.  It is the willingness to cut out the root of suffering, the willingness to end the story of the past or the future.  It is the willingness to be free, just as you are.  The Truth is revealed and the mind is healed of its addictions.  Yes.  The search is over.

This has been my experience.  This is the birthright of humanity and it is time, Now.

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