We are so blessed that we have been given the opportunity to ask and to discover what it is we want for our lives in the deepest sense.  In this discovery there is the opportunity to give your life to that with impeccability. Freedom, Love, Peace are your true nature irrevocably.  The tendancy of the mind is to look for that in circumstances.  Circumstances will not give lasting fulfillment; though they may line up in a way to bring great happiness, it is a trick of the mind to believe that this is the source of the happiness.  In the willingness to give your attention to what is unchanging, the source of deep, abiding peace is found living inside your own life.  You are this source.  You are free to choose it.  Be impeccable.  Support is in every aspect of your life, and it becomes evident in this choosing.  Consciously make every breath be “Yes.” to the Living Truth of yourself.  Your life will reveal it to you – through every aspect.  Turn your attention to this now.

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