The Peace Filled Sanctuary is in your Heart

The Peace Filled Sanctuary is in your heart, right now.

Sitting silently last night with others, I was filled with the peace that requires nothing. Mind gratefully surrendering its inflammation and worry to the source of itself – illuminated stillness. Emotional body came home to the Heart and deep fulfillment was revealed, bringing quiet joy. This simple act of Stopping All Doing is the most radical act of my lifetime. I encourage one and all, with my life, to take up the practice of the Samurai with no Sword and surrender to living silence that cuts through ego, cuts through distraction, and points immaculately to that which is Present in All. The reward is natural integrity from which one can live in peace and harmony. And it spreads… May Love Rule on Earth. Peace Peace Peace – I am that. I am Peace itself; Freedom Itself; Love alive, living my life right now.
I go forward without moving, I stand Still and see. I respond like a Samurai whose Sword is Stillness.
LOVE will lead this life.

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